So, what exactly do I do ?


Wood, paper, scissorsa play on words, yes, but also the essence of what I use in building shoji, the Japanese word for translucent panels of wooden lattice used to divide interior space. Shoji panels (also called screens) may hang, slide or remain stationary, depending on their use.


My name is Charles Anderson and I have been drawn to Japanese design and aesthetics as long as I can remember. I built my first shoji panels as sliding doors for the patio of my first home in 1990. Since then I have acquired the tools of the trade and refined my skill at this ancient craft of building shoji for others who share my appreciation of shojis tranquility and simple elegance, as explained below by Jay Van Arsdale, another craftsman also specializing in shoji:




Deep huh? Please browse through this site to find out more about what I build and why I am so passionate about the uses of shoji in modern design and furnishings, as well some of the factors to consider when commissioning a shoji project for interior spaces.


Outside of my passion for Japanese design and cabinetry, I have a life and youll find me travelling when I can afford it, scuba diving where there is water, motorcycling, listening to jazz and blues, practicing my sax, playing with my puppy Jake, or sampling fine single malt whiskies and bourbon in my role as producer for the annual Spirit of Toronto Whisky Gala.


Oh, and one last bit of trivia: the back of my head is the icon for This Hour Has 22 Minutes (drumroll please).


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